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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands-on healing method that originated in the Far East many hundreds of years ago and was rediscovered in Japan in the nineteenth century by Dr Usui. The practitioner channels healing energy through the hands to the animal with a light touch either directly on the body or from a distance.

The word Reiki (Rei Ki pronounced “ray-key”) is a Japanese word usually translated as “universal life energy”. It is based on the idea that all living beings have life energy flowing through them. When life energy is high, your pets are healthy and balanced, more relaxed and less likely to get sick. When it is low, they’ll often be more easily affected by stress and less resistant to illness. Reiki is gentle, painless and powerful and a safe complement to conventional Western medicine, and all other forms of healing.

Animals, especially cats, are naturally receptive to the Reiki energy and tend to accept it readily. Reiki is not only for sick or injured pets but can be used as a preventative to illness and to maintain your cat’s wellbeing. Some pets may initially prefer to experience the energy from a slight distance, rather than having the practitioner’s hands directly on them. The practitioner will sit with the pet until it is comfortable for the treatment to begin.

The frequency of Reiki sessions depends entirely on each animal’s health needs, and often when a cat has absorbed all the energy she needs, she will simply walk away, which will end the session. Some health problems can be resolved in two or three sessions, others may require ongoing sessions over a longer period of time. Sessions are booked in advance and the cost is £20 for half an hour. Cost will depend on how receptive the pet is and the length of session.

What Reiki can do for pets

Overall well-being. Just like people, even healthy pets can have occasional physical, emotional and mental imbalances that, if left untreated, can manifest as illness. Periodic Reiki treatments can help maintain your pet’s natural state of well-being and balance.

Strengthens the immune system for cancer therapies. Reiki strengthens the immune system to better deal with the stress of cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation. It can help alleviate or prevent the side effects of conventional cancer treatments and provides pain relief.

Accelerates healing following surgery or illness. Provides pain relief and relaxation to facilitate the body’s immune system and natural healing response, and can alleviate and prevent side effects of conventional medications such as pain killers and antibiotics.

Can help with behaviour issues and promote relaxation. Many behaviour issues are caused by stress, Reiki is extremely beneficial for animals with a history of abuse. The gentle touch of the practitioner and the energy can help restore trust in animals who have been abused or mistreated.

Remote Treatments

Distance healing, also known as remote healing, is a healing process that has been proven to be extremely effective, sometimes even more effective than local, hands-on healing.

How does a remote Reiki session work?

Long distance healing is “wireless” healing. We accept that mobile phones, televisions and many other everyday items work in a wireless way and therefore easy to imagine that all energy travels that way, including the healing energy of Reiki. The Universe is comprised of energy, it is all around us.


In a remote Reiki session, the practitioner connects with the person or animal requesting the healing energetically. Every living being has a unique frequency, and the practitioner tunes into that unique energy in order to channel the healing.


Recipients of distance Reiki healing report the same sensations as recipients of hands-on healing.  Typically a sense of heat or tingling in certain parts of the body or a sense of calm and peace, and even a deep sense of relaxation. Clearly pets cannot tell us what they are feeling, but the change in their energy should be apparent.

Why choose remote healing and not a hands-on session?

Other than the most obvious reason – the person or animal requesting the healing is not in the same geographical area as the practitioner – remote healing can be a good choice for animals who are wary of strangers and/or reluctant to sit still. For humans with busy schedules, remote Reiki allows them to benefit from the energy without having to make time to get to and from the session. Remote Reiki treatments are just as effective as in person treatments.


Your practitioner


Ruth has attained her Reiki First and Second Degrees which means she has trained with a Reiki Master to the appropriate standard required to practice Reiki on both humans and pets (certificates available for inspection on request). Ruth’s lifelong love of animals means she feels particularly drawn to practice Reiki on pets and has chosen to incorporate this into her range of cat care services.



Reiki and other alternative therapies are complementary and not a substitute for veterinary care; if you are concerned about your pet’s health then it is advisable to seek veterinary advice.



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