JustFelines Cat Care Service "the pawfect choice"
     JustFelines Cat Care     Service           "the pawfect choice"

What our clients think ....

David & Jessica from north Dunstable said "We'll be in touch again when we next need your assistance, as we were very happy with what you did and how the animals were when we got home. Thanks again".


Natalie from Ampthill was kind enough to leave a review on our Facebook page - and she says "Ruth is just wonderful, you wouldn’t find a better cat Nannie anywhere, she is brilliant with Luna who is a rescue cat. We have used Ruth three times now and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else, nothing is ever to much trouble and more importantly Luna loves her".


Kathy from Flitwick said "Ruth gave me complete peace of mind whilst I was away. She took down all the important details, health, feeding times and their routines. My cats are very important to me and I was completely happy with Ruth. Highly recommended."


Karen and David from Leighton Buzzard said "We can recommend Ruth to look after your cats, safe in the knowledge that she is conscientious, trustworthy and really cares about cats. Her communication with us was excellent particularly as one of our cats was poorly and needed medication".


Stella in Leighton Buzzard says "Ruth is fabulous. I know my cat is well cared for when she's looked after by Ruth. Highly recommended"


Rosemary from Linslade said "Ruth took care of our three, and they were obviously so much happier staying at home. Will never use a cattery again. Highly recommend Just Felines".


Amy from Flitwick  said "... thank you for taking care of Princess, she was very pleased to see me but was clearly very well looked after whilst I was away ..."



A message from a lovely client Jenny who lives in Linslade, following a series of Reiki sessions with one of her kitties who has separation anxiety issues and lacks confidence to go outside: "Hi Ruth! Pussy cats were good! ☺️ Peewee seems really happy and pleased with himself! So not sure what you did but it seems to have worked. He's been going outside too! ..... Thank you ...."


Lovely review recently received from Luton Cat Welfare:

"Special thanks to Ruth @ Just Felines Cat Care Services for agreeing to look after two furbabies for Cat Welfare Luton when their foster mummy had to go away overnight.

We don’t like to cause stress to our cats and kittens by moving them between foster homes. So Just Felines Cat Care stepped in and agreed without hesitation to look after them. 

Anybody looking for a cattery alternative, Just Felines provides a “pop in service” to look after pets in their own home, whilst you are away.

We can say first hand that Ruth is lovely and the cats are well cared for.?

Thanks again Ruth, you are a star!"


Charlotte from Wing, Bucks said " ... thank you so much for looking after them, you've been an absolute lifesaver. Fantastic! Complete peace of mind and much better than putting my cats in the usual cat "hotel" . Very professional and totally trustworthy. I would not hesitate to recommend to all my cat owning friends".


Deborah from Ampthill says " Ruth, thank you so much for popping in to Sadie our cat each day to feed,  brush and give her some company to while we were away. It gave us great peace of mind to know that you were taking care of her and making sure she was happy. In the past we have relied on neighbours, but there is something more reassuring in knowing that someone is specifically going in to keep an eye on her, who knows how to identify if something isn't right and knows what to do, especially as she is in her later years! Thank you!"


Rebecca from Houghton Regis says "thanks for calling in on our two, it was good to know you were taking care of them while we were away. Thanks for drawing the curtains every night as well".


Howard from Leighton Buzzard said "Many thanks Ruth for the outstanding care you gave to my cats whilst I was away on holiday. I arrived home to find two very well fed and contented cats. Thank you again for a job well done.It is nice to relax on holiday knowing my cats are in such fine hands. You will now be my permanent source for my cat care. The service you offer to feline lovers is 110% the best. I have no hesitation in recommending you to all who want their cats cared for whilst they are away".

Rachel from Lidlington said "A huge thank you to Ruth for looking after my gang while we've been on holiday. Going away is easy when you know your animals are in good hands. A very friendly, professional service that I can wholeheartedly recommend. Many thanks again from all of us."
Dr & Mrs Clarke from Toddington said: "Thanks so much for your very professional and sensitive care for Luly over the last couple of weeks. You were able to administer her tablets and laxative twice daily and that was a great weight off our minds. You provided our special needs cat with the care we provide her when at home, meeting her blood pressure and epileptic needs plus being able to keep her regular with the laxative twice daily. Thanks so much and we will definitely use your service again".

Gaynor from Westoning says: .... its been lovely knowing that they are being cared for while we are away .."


Jem from Leighton Buzzard says "... thank you for taking Chloe to the vets for me for her routine check-up today, I'm grateful for your help. Thanks also for popping in to feed her when I am working late ...."


David from Toddington says "A big thank you for looking after our cat on our two recent breaks, it was a weight off of our minds knowing you would be there looking after Lenny and it was great to come home and be met by a perfectly content cat on our return. We look forward to using your service again soon and would recommend your service to other cat owners".


Cheryl from Kensworth said "thanks so much for your excellent care of my dear Maisie. She seemed quite content so you must have made her a very happy cat! I was extremely grateful to find her room clean and tidy too – and my post neatly stacked, which was above and beyond the call of duty. This was the first time that I have ever left Maisie in the care of a professional cat carer and you are definitely very professional.  I shall certainly call upon your services again and would recommend them to anyone".


Leisa from Westoning said "Thank you so much for looking after them .... they looked like they've been happy whilst we're away, so thank you".


Chelsea from Toddington said "thanks for looking after them and we will more than likely be using you again in the future ...."


Helen from Luton said "thank you so much for looking after Percy while we were away - we have missed him and he has just had lots of cuddles ..." "thanks for looking after George, he seemed very content when we got home ..."


Suzanne from Toddington said " ... it's so reassuring to go away on holiday knowing that they're all well looked after ... many thanks Ruth".


Kim and Martin from Linslade said ...  "Ruth was able to kitty sit for us with quite short notice. We have two visually impaired house cats and did not want to take them out of their environment as they are fairly reliant on familiar surroundings. As soon as Ruth came to meet them (and us) we felt confident she'd look after them well. Ruth allowed us to have a restful two week break, though was also willing to update us when we enquired how they were. We returned to find them happy and content, and we can tell they had her wrapped around their paws with regard to treats. Thank you Ruth"


Emma from Maulden said "Just wanted to say thank you so much for looking after the five of them, so much happier knowing they’ve been in good hands. Thank you again and see you soon I’m sure".


Anne from Ampthill said "Just a line to say thanks for your expert professional assistance with Patch and Biscuit, both look very happy and pleased to have had your care ...."


Andy from Westoning said "Thanks so much for looking after the boys, they seemed very happy with life ...."


Chris and Mo from Leighton Buzzard said " .... thanks so much for looking after our animals.  We were surprised to hear Rocky was so well behaved! We will contact you again when we next go away ..."


Laura from Tebworth said "Nice to come home to a clean house ... thanks for hoovering & looking after them for us."


Jane from Wingfield said "... thanks, I know my boys are in safe hands ... you're worth every penny!"


Amy from Leighton Buzzard said "Brilliant service, trustworthy and very reasonably priced. One very happy kitty and very happy to know our cat was well looked after while we were away. Would definitely recommend".


Marion from Leighton Buzzard said "... thank you for taking such good care of Ra and Dickens ..."


Beverley from Toddington said "Thank you very much for looking after Alfie and Arthur ... "


Emily from Linslade said "Thanks Ruth the cats appear to have been so well looked after that they haven't missed us at all ... thank you for looking after them ... "


Helen from Hockliffe said "... thank you so much for looking after the boys ..."


Sue from Houghton Regis said "Thank you so much for looking after our cats ... they seem really well. Its good that we can go away without worrying about the cats, thank you ..."


Kathy from Eversholt said "Leo and Kiara are both happy and relaxed: Many thanks!"


Jacqui from Toddington said "I can't thank you enough for taking care of them all (two cats and two chickens) while we were away ... it was a great weight off our mind ..."


Janet from Toddington said "Thank you so much for looking after Bo, she was so relaxed when I came home ..."


Lynne from Flitton said "Many thanks for looking after them while we were away ... "


Carol from Stoke Hammond said "the cats are very happy, thank you so much for looking after them and cleaning up too ... thanks for moving my post, not good if it was sticking out of my letterbox while I was away!"


Rachel from Luton said "Ruth is amazing, I came home to two very happy fur babies. It's so nice to know that you can go away and have peace of mind that the kitties will be looked after in their own home.
This is a much better alternative to a cattery! The "Pop in Service" is a must!"


Katy from Kensworth said "Thank you so much for looking after them and allowing me to have a much needed break. Ruth's understanding and flexibility allowed me to go away for a few nights at short notice knowing my cats (including one on medication) were being looked after. Thank you so much. Will definitely be using JustFelines again."


Amy from Linslade said "Thank you so much for looking after George ..."


Katy from Ampthill said "Thanks very much for looking after the cats so well, they seemed very relaxed when we got back!"


Islay from Leighton Buzzard says ".... thank you so much for looking after Monty and Seema, they both look very well fed and happy ..."


Ruth from Toddington said "Thank you so much for looking after Skye, she is very content ..."


Wendy from Toddington says "Thank you so much for looking after Lottie so well. It was great to see her looking so happy and healthy".


Vicky from Houghton Regis says "Thank you again for taking care of them - we're so much more relaxed knowing they are in your hands!  ".... Arrived home to a very happy and healthy cat after my week away. Okay, it didn't stop him sleeping on my face this morning (nice to have been missed!) but he's usually pretty grumpy if we go away and ignored us for 24hrs, so he's definitely happier this time. Ruth was brilliant, I trusted her totally , she kept me up to date so I knew Mylo was okay. It made my holiday so much more enjoyable knowing he was well looked after. Thank you Ruth!"


Tabitha from Leighton Buzzard says "We came back from our break to be welcomed by two excited and purring cats - so that's great. Thanks so much for looking after them - I think we're most definitely going to ask you to feed them when we go on holiday at the end of September ...."


Caroline from Maulden says "thank you so much for looking after them, yes - I'd love to book your services again ..."


A new client recently commented "I feel bad for letting the other petsitter down but I feel that you have a great rapport with them and chat to them - the other lady didn’t and I felt they were lonely...." which makes it all worthwhile!!


Nick from Leighton Buzzard said "... thanks so muh for looking after Luna and JiJi, they were in great spirits when we got home this evening .... "


Janet from Dunstable said "have just arrived home from a wonderful weekend away ... thank you so much for looking after the cats so well and leaving everything so clean and tidy ..."


Lottie from Leighton Buzzard says "Thank you so much for looking after him, its really re assuring to know he'll be so well looked after".


Frances from Toddington said "I can't thank you enough for looking after Guinness ...."


After a recent holiday, my client Howard in Leighton Buzzard had this to say on a Facebook post "the best cat care service in our universe! The care Ruth took of my cat while I was away on holiday was outstanding. It needed to go to the vets while I was away which she arranged plus all its care until I returned ...."


A client's mum also commented on the same post "I totally agree with that - Ruth has looked after my daughter's cat, guinea pig and two gerbils while she was away, she is 100% reliable and very caring, a real treasure ...."


Christine from Flitwick said "thank you very much for your help and kindness .... I will contact you again next time I go away ...."


Val from Leighton Buzzard said "just got home ... the cats look well, thank you, and thanks for leaving the place lovely and tidy! I will keep your card for the future ..."


Tracy from Silsoe said "Thanks for looking after Phoenix ... she looks very happy ... "


Sarah from Dunstable said "Thank you they were very happy to see us! Thank you for taking such good care of them ..."


Leisa from Westoning recently reviewed us on Facebook and said:

"Our cats are quite timid and being put in a cattery always stressed them out and made them very unhappy. Ruth really loves cats and you can be sure that when you leave your cats in her care that she'll do her utmost to make sure that they're well-fed and happy.

We tried other cat-sitters previously but always got the feeling that they were in a rush and just wanted to be in and out as quickly as possible - which left us worried that they may not pick up on any problems. Ruth takes the time to get to know your cats and we, (and they), appreciate the fact that she will take the time to say hi and make a fuss of them if they're around. We wouldn't use anyone else and highly recommend JustFelines. Thanks Ruth!"
Emma from Dunstable said "... we got back last night, Louie was looking very chilled and relaxed, thank you ..."
Jason from Ampthill said "... thank you for looking after Pepsi - thanks for such great service ..."
Claire from Leighton Buzzard said "Just returned from a 10 day holiday and left Ruth in care of our kittens, and we couldn't be happier. Our cats were obviously well looked after, and our boys loved seeing updates on them whilst we were away! Ruth also turned lights on and off/closed and opened blinds etc so we felt reassured the house didn't look deserted for all that time! The cats area was clean and tidy, and coming home to a clean litter tray was very nice!! Ruth is lovely and obviously loves her job, highly recommend and will definitely be using Ruth's services again. Thank you ..."
Evonne from Flitwick said "I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of them for me.  Such peace of mind to know they are being well looked after while I'm away. Your kindness and reliability is outstanding, I wouldnt dream of asking anyone else to look after them. Would highly recommend your service to anyone. Thank you again".
Vicky from Eversholt said "thanks for taking care of Tosca .... and leaving the house so nice and tidy, very much appreciated ..." "Just got home to a very excited and cuddly Tosca, thank you for looking after her so well ..."
Wendi from Toddington said "thank you so much for looking after her - she has been cared for well ..."
Jacky from Toddington said " We arrived home late this morning and it was lovely to find everything ‘in order’ and of course to find Mayo fit and well. Mayo is currently fast asleep ......  Also, I really appreciated hearing from you by text whilst we were away, it did give me peace of mind."
Helen from Slapton  said "Thanks for looking after them and for leaving the place so clean and tidy ...."
Bella from Flitwick  said "Thank you so much for looking after them for us, they seem really well cared for ..."




Stray Cat Rescue: www.straycatrescue.org.uk

Boness Veterinary Hospital: www.bonessvets.co.uk

Malcolm Cat Sanctuary, Limassol, Cyprus: www.malcolmcat.org

Tala Monastery Cat Park, Tala, Paphos, Cyprus: www.talamonasterycats.com

Ark House Vets, Leighton Buzzard: www.arkhousevets.co.uk



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